Digital Business Cards

Networking has been revolutionized by digitalization, requiring modern tools to stay ahead of the competition. Increase your leads and bookings with a Digital Business Card!
Digital Business Card Example
Digital Business Card Example
Dolphin Digital is proud to introduce the latest innovation in personal and business promotion – customized digital business cards. This is ideal for individuals residing in Houston, Texas or anywhere across the United States.

If you own a small business or provide a product or service, your digital business card will promote increased lead generation, bookings, and sales. If you are job hunting, your card can include your profile, education and work experience, and even your resume. The possibilities for your digital business card are endless!

In an era where connectivity and efficiency reign supreme, traditional paper business cards are quickly becoming a thing of the past. In short, dynamic and interactive digital business cards are quickly becoming the preferred method for promoting yourself, your organization, or your business. Professionals, job seekers, business owners, and college students are now redefining how they make first impressions.

Our premium digital cards offer an array of features that set them miles apart from ordinary paper cards. The old-fashioned paper cards, or even simple 'free' digital cards, simply do not compare. Imagine sharing your contact information and providing seamless integration with your online presence - all with your personally customized digital card.

Our premium cards include many desirable and useful features, including social links, enabling your friends and contacts to explore your Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, or other social accounts. Your card can even include an embedded payment link,  allowing you to make transactions and collect payments directly from your business card!

It is time to ditch the old-fashioned paper business card templates! Our digital cards allow you to express your unique style with customizable themes and colors, ensuring that your card stands out in a crowd. Would you like to showcase your work or provide additional detailed information? No problem! With features like portfolio integration and attachments, you can transform your digital business card into a comprehensive representation of your skills and achievements.

But that's not all! The advanced features extend beyond mere representation. For example, you can integrate lead generation forms to capture valuable information from potential clients and collaborators. You can also embed your Twitter feed for real-time updates, or instantly communicate with a Facebook chat app - all right from your digital business card!

And, unlike a paper business card, your digital card will never be thrown out, lost, or accidentally left behind. Your friends and prospects will always have your information at the ready, right on their smartphones!

Your digital card, with all of these features, plus much more, is available at about the cost of a Big Mac per month! Join the digital revolution and redefine how you network!

Click the following links to view examples of live digital business card.

digital business card 1

digital business card 2

digital business card 3 

Scroll down to see even more features offered with our digital cards. Then fill out and submit the order form at the bottom of this page when you are ready to impress your contacts with your own digital business card.
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